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  Birmingham v Palace - 19th August 2006 3pm
  Stoke v Palace - Monday 13th March
  Sheff Wed v Palace - Sat Feb 11th 2006
  Sheff Wed v Palace - Sat Feb 11th 2006
  Hull v Palace - Saturday 14th January 2006
  Hull v Palace - Saturday 14th January 2006
  Plymouth v Palace - Sat 17th Dec 2005 3pm
  Plymouth v Palace - Sat 17th Dec 2005 3pm
  Luton v Palace - Sat 26th Nov 2005
  Southampton v Palace - Wed 2nd Nov 05
  Crewe v Palace - 29th Oct 05 3pm
  Coventry v Palace 15th Oct 2005 3pm
  QPR v Palace - Mon 3rd Oct 7.45pm
  Cardiff v Palace - Sat 17th Sept 3pm
  Reading v Palace - Tues 13th Sept 2005 8pm
  Reading v Palace - Tues 13th Sept 2005 8pm
  Wolves v Palace - Tuesday 9th August 2005 7.45pm
  Charlton v Palace - Sun 15th May 3pm
  Newcastle v Palace - Sat 30th April 2005 3pm
  Newcastle v Palace - Sat 30th April 2005 3pm
  Newcastle v Palace
  Everton v Palace - Sunday 10th April 3pm
  Chelsea v Palace - March 19th 05 3pm
  Arsenal v Palace - Feb 14th 05 8pm
  West Brom v Palace Tues 1st Feb 05
  Man City v Palace - Sat 15th Jan 05 3pm
  Fulham v Palace - Sat 1st Jan 2005 2pm
  Spurs v Palace - Tues 28th Dec 3pm
  Man Utd v Palace - Dec 18th 2004 - 5.15pm
  Southampton v Palace - Sat 27th Nov 3pm
  Birmingham v Palace - Sat 30th Oct 2004 - 12.45pm
  Bolton v Palace - Sat 16th October
  Portsmouth v Palace - Sat 11th Sept 5.15pm
  Middlesbrough v Palace - Sat 28th Aug 3pm
  Norwich v Palace - Sat 14th August 2004
  Sunderland v Palace - Mon 17th May 2004 - 8pm - play off final semi, 2nd leg
  Coventry v Palace - Sunday 9th May 1pm
  Cardiff v Palace Sat 10th April 2004
  Forest v Palace - Sat 13th March 2004 3pm
  Derby v Palace - Sat 21st Feb 2004 3pm
  Sheff Utd v Palace - Sat 7th Feb 2004
  Bradford v Palace - Sat 24th Jan 2004 3pm
  Watford v Palace - Sat 17th Jan 2004
  Spurs v Palace. Sat 2nd Jan 2004 3pm. FA Cup
  Stoke v Palace - Tues 25th November 2003 7.45pm
  walsall v palace - sat 22nd November 3pm
  Wigan v Palace - Sat Nov 1st - KO 12.30pm
  Blackpool v Palace - 28th Oct 7.45pm. Carling Cup 3rd Round
  West Ham v Palace - Wed 1st Oct 7.45pm
  Norwich v Palace - Sat 27th Sept 2003 3pm
  Sunderland v Palace - 13th Sept 2003, 3pm
  Torquay v Palace - Carling Cup - Tues 12th Aug 2003 7.45pm
  Burnely v Palace - 9th August 2003 3pm
  Luton Town Vv Crystal Palace - Saturday 26th July
  Whyteleafe v Crystal Palace - Pre-season Friendly - Wed 23rd July 7.30pm
  Gillingham v Palace - Sun 4th May 2003 - 1.30pm
  Grimsby v Palace - Sat 12th April 2003
  Brighton v Palace - Tues March 25th 2003 - KO 7.45pm
  Reading v Palace - Sat 15th March 2003 3pm
  Derby v Palace - Wed March 5th K.O. 7.45pm
  Wolves v Palace - Sat 1st March 2003 - 3pm
  Bradford v Palace - Wed 19th Feb 2003 7.45pm
  Liverpool v Palace, Wednesday 5th Feb. FA cup 4th round replay
  Leicester v Palace - 1st Feb 2003
  Bradford v Palace - Jan 11th 2003
  Blackpool v Palace - Sat Jan 4th - FA Cup 3rd Round
  Rotherham v Palace - Sun 22nd Dec 2002 12.05pm
  Sheff Utd v Palace - 17th Dec 2002 7.45pm. Worthington Cup 1/4 final
  Sheff Utd v Palace - Sat 30th Nov 2002
  Walsall v Palace - Tues 29th Oct 7.45pm
  Wimbledon v Palace - 19th Oct 2002
  Stoke City v Palace - Sat 5th Oct 2002
  Sheff Wed v Crystal Palace - Wed 25th Sept 2002 7.45pm
  Watford v Crystal Palace Saturday 21st September 2002 K.O 3pm
  Burnley v Palace - Sat 31st August 2002 3pm
  Coventry v Crystal Palace Saturday 24th August 2002 k.o. 3pm
  Preston North End v Crystal Palace - 10th Aug 2002
  Bournemouth v Palace - 17th July 2002
  Barnet v Palace - Friday 12th July 7.45pm. Pre-season friendly
  West Brom v Palace - Sunday 21st April 2002, 2pm
  Crewe v Palace - Sun 7th April 2:15pm
  Man City v Palace - Sat 16th March 2002 3pm
  Grimsby v Palace - Saturday 2nd March 2002
  Barnsley v Palace - Tues 26th Feb 2002 7.45pm
  Stockport v Palace - Sunday 13th January 6.15pm
  Newcastle v Palace - Saturday 5th January 2002. FA Cup 3rd Round
  Bradford v Palace - Sat 29th December 2001
  Millwall v Palace - 26th December 2001 12pm
  Watford v Palace - Saturday 15th December 2001
  Birmingham v Crystal Palace - Tues 11th December 2001
  Coventry v Palace - Wednesday 28th November 7:45pm
  Preston North End v Crystal Palace 24th November 2001 K.O. 3pm
  Gillingham v Crystal Palace 21st November 2001 k.o. 7:45pm
  Walsall v Palace - Sat 3rd November 2001
  Burnley v Palace - 23rd October 2001 - 7.45pm
  Wolves v Palace - Saturday 20th October 2001
  Palace v Sheff Wed - Wed 10th 2001 7.45pm
  Sheffield Utd v Palace Tuesday 25th September 2001
  Everton v Palace - Wednesday 12th September 2001
  Forest v Palace - 25th August 2001
  Leyton Orient v Crystal Palace - 21st August 2001
  Rotherham v Palace August 11th 2001
  Oxford v Palace - friendly - August 4th 2001
  Tiverton 19th July, Torquay 21st July & Exeter 24th July
  Travel details for pre-season will appear here at a later date
  Stockport v Palace Sun 6th May 2001 1.30pm
  Portsmouth v Palace - Wed 2nd May 2001
  Tranmere v Palace 21st April 2001 3pm
  Sheff Wed v Palace 14th April 2001
  Watford v Crystal Palace Sat 7th April 2001
  Wimbledon v Crystal Palace - Sat 10th March 2001
  Sheff Utd v Crystal Palace - Sat 24th Sept 2001
  Barnsley v Crystal Palace - 20th February 2001
  Burnley v Crystal Palace - 10th February 2001
  Gillingham v Crystal Palace 26th December 2000 k.o. 12pm
  Grimsby Town v Palace Saturday 2nd December 2000
  Leicester City vs Palace - Wednesday 1st November 2000
  Bolton Wanderers v Crystal Palace October 28th 2000 KO 3pm
  Fulham v Crystal Palace Wednesday 18th October 2000
  BIRMINGHAM CITY v PALACE (Saturday 14th October KO 3pm)
  Preston North End v Crystal Palace 30th September 2000 K.O. 3pm
  Burnley v Crystal Palace Worthington Cup 2nd round 1st leg 19th September 2000 K.O. 7.45pm
  Norwich City v Crystal Palace Saturday 16th September
  Cardiff City v Crystal Palace Tuesday 5th September 2000
  West Bromwich Albion v Palace Sunday 3rd September
  Blackburn Rovers v Crystal Palace 12th August 2000

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